As women, I believe that claiming our inner authority is a potent medicine for healing ourselves, our families and our communities. As we become grounded in our truth, we make space to recover our bodies, our minds and our spirits. With that in mind, I invite you to consider the following question: What might happen if I use my level of self-trust as a touchstone on my path forward?

Why Brazen?

To be brazen is to face and overcome boldly or shamelessly or to show up without a desire to be hidden. I believe placing an emphasis on shame resilience allows us to connect with our authentic selves and grow meaningful relationships. When we have the courage to show up in our humanity we  create space to cultivate compassion for ourselves and others; we open ourselves to healing.

Why Nourished?

To be nourished is to be supplied with what is necessary for life, health, and growth. I believe a commitment to radical self-care and nurturance creates a sense of safety and ease allowing us to face the demands of our daily lives from a place of strength.

Why Numinous?

To be numinous is to be filled with a sense of the presence of divinity. I believe cultivating faith in something greater than ourselves — I call this Spirit — offers us a source of hope, purpose, and belonging. In my experience, a relationship with Spirit supports me in embracing my intuition and grounding myself in my heart center.

Stacey Maria, HHC

Welcome! I am Stacey — a wife, mother and artist living on the west coast of Canada. First and foremost though, I am a spiritual being living a beautifully messy human experience.  Writing helps me digest the often wonderful but sometimes wretched moments in life. I liken the need to write to the need to breathe; I can't truly live without it. I created this blog as a means to claim my voice and satisfy my appetite for brazen self-expression.

In The Dance of the Dissident Daughter  Sue Monk Kidd writes, “she needs an embracing, open-armed space where she can dissolve, go to seed, and regerminate. A place to be still and tend new roots. She needs a place away from every man-made thing where she can cry, even shout if she wants. In a place like that she can begin to heal what is wounded, recover what is lost. She can remember herself.”  My hope is that this blog can serve as such a space and I'd love for you to co-create this space with me by reading along and participating in the conversation.