My Commitment

My Commitment to Creating Responsible Eating Disorder Recovery Content

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional or psychotherapist. This website was created purely to share resources and information accumulated from my own experience as a survivor and eating disorder recovery coach and to encourage eating disorder sufferers to cultivate hope and resilience in recovery.

I support the principles of health at every size, body liberation, intuitive eating and eating disorder recovery. When commenting I ask that you respect that this is NOT a place to debate those principles or question their validity. Asking questions and being open to learning is more than welcome, but undermining my core values is not. I welcome discussion, ideas and questions about rejecting the diet mentality, overcoming weight stigma, eating disorder recovery, and positive body image.

My intention in sharing resources and information is to lead others toward health, hope, and understanding. With that in mind, I commit to carefully considering the impact of my message on the public and to maintain my commitment to personal integrity and growth. If at any time I believe content may be triggering, I will clearly identify that with a trigger warning.

I do not endorse the idea that recovery can happen in isolation. The vast majority of those who recover from eating disorders do so with the ongoing support of  professionals and social supports. It is both courageous and necessary to reach out for support and guidance during the recovery process.

If you are struggling please reach out to your therapist or treatment team for support. If you need a referral to a treatment provider in your area please contact the appropriate organization below:

National Eating Disorder Information Centre

Suicide Prevention Canada

National Eating Disorders Association

Suicide Prevention Lifeline