Book Club

My intention in hosting this book club is to offer a supportive space to claim our inner authority and agency in our lives. The book selections will offer ideas that challenge the status quo, strategies to break free from diet culture and tools to become grounded in the Body Liberation movement.

Body liberation is a movement that acknowledges that bodies are placed in a hierarchy in our culture based on size, age, ability, race, class, religion, gender, binary gender conformity, expressions of sexuality and any other way that we may be othered. The core of the Body Liberation movement is about access to and autonomy of one’s own body, and respect for ALL bodies. The book selections will help us understand how our experiences of oppression—as well as others’ experiences—interrupt our ability to be embodied, to make health choices that fit our bodies, to access human civil rights, and to access our own internal regulatory, intuitive system.

My hope is that this journey will support us to find compassion for our experiences and hardships in our bodies by helping us understand how we have been culturally conditioned. Together, we will create a supportive space to let go of who our culture tells us we need to be and find our way back to our voices, our bodies and our power.

I invite you to watch my videos or read my blog to learn a little more about my story and vision if you are curious about joining us. You are also welcome to  ask any questions you may have through my contact page or through DM on Instagram.

General Logistics:

  • We will begin reading We Should All be Feminists September 1st, You Have the Right to Remain Fat October 1st, and The Witches are Coming November 10th (Release Date is November 5th).
  •  I have created a Facebook group to facilitate conversations so this means you can participate from anywhere!
  • A live monthly Body Liberation discussion group occurs on the last Saturday of the month for local participants. More details can be found on my  Facebook page under events.


If I've piqued your interest, I hope you will join us!



Book Selections for Fall 2019