EDAW 2019 - Eating Disorders Can't Wait

I created this video in support of  Eating Disorder Awareness Week in Canada #EDAW2019 #EDAW. By sharing our stories of recovery we offer hope and inspiration that recovery is possible. Eating disorders affect millions of people in our country. If you are suffering, I invite you to take one step toward recovery this week - your recovery can't wait.

Short Documentary - Eating Disorder Recovery

A short documentary describing what supporters can do to support a friend or loved one working on recovery from an eating disorder.  Produced in partnership with Beacon Community Services and Robyn Unwin Media.

Mindful Strategies to Stop Body Criticism

In this video I share a few strategies that I use to stop myself from being swept up in body criticism.  It is so easy for a few thoughts in the morning to derail my self-confidence and esteem throughout the day, so I like to keep these tips in mind as I go about my morning routine.